Information for Prospective 1Ls

How to Join JOST:

  • The top 15% of 1L class will automatically receive an invitation to join this journal.
  • Students can apply to JOST by submitting an appellate brief, a contact sheet, and redacted memo to our blackboard site. The application period will be from Friday, April 17th to 5PM on Friday, April 24th.
  • Students must also have completed the Bluebook exam. 
  • Participating in the JOST Write-On Competition is highly recommended for all those interested in joining the journal. Class rank will not be solidified by the due date of the application. 
  • Invitations to join JOST will be sent over the summer. 
  • For questions please contact, Sehseh Sanan, Editor-in-Chief,; Dominique Kelly, Managing Editor,