I, Robot- I, Criminal- When Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Legal Liability of AI Robots committing Criminal Offenses

By Gabriel Hallevy


Can society impose criminal liability upon robots? The technological world has changed rapidly. Simple human activities are being replaced by robots. As long as humanity used robots as mere tools, there was no real difference between robots and screwdrivers, cars or telephones. When robots became sophisticated, we used to say that robots think for us. The problem began when robots evolved from thinking machines into thinking machines or Artificial Intelligence Robots. Could they become dangerous? Unfortunately, they already are. People’s fear of AI robots, in most cases, is based on the fact that AI robots are not considered to be subject to the law, specifically to criminal law. This note explores which kind of laws or ethics are appropriate to govern the behavior of AI Robots and who has the authority to decide a robot’s faith.

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