WikiLeaks Seeks to Work With Companies in Wake of CIA Data Leak

Aiden Scott

After the disclosure of over 8,000 documents which “demonstrate vulnerabilities in smartphones, televisions,and software” identified by the CIA Jullian Assange has announced that he wants to work with companies to close these vulnerabilities in their technology. If the release by WikiLeaks was legitimate, then it would reveal that the CIA “has the ability to break into individual devices and intercept messages before they can be encrypted.” In response the CIA has not confirmed or denied the authenticity of the release, but maintains that the “american public should be deeply troubled by any disclosure designed to damage the Intelligence Community’s ability to protect America.” This comment highlights the implicit troubles that WikiLeaks could cause for intelligence agencies by closing off vulnerabilities in devices such as smart phones, it could in theory be more difficult for the CIA to monitor the activities of a suspected terrorist. However with the growing concern about privacy in America, and with Assange remaining in the Ecuadorian embassy in London we will have to wait to see what steps both sides take as matters progress.