Transition from Nuclear Fission to Fusion

Aiden Scott

Venture capitalist such as Peter Thiel and amazon founder Jeff Bezos are attempting to take advantage of the long-delayed progress of nuclear energy. Theil has been funding a fusion start up called Helion Energy, and Bezos has invested in General Fusion Inc., in an attempt to take advantage of nuclear fusion’s potential capabilities to produce clean energy, at a low costs once proper technologies have been developed. Unlike nuclear plants that use fission, the classic splitting of atoms, companies such as Lockheed Martin, are working to create nuclear fusion generators that are small enough to be transported by truck. In response to this new flow of cash and enhanced research, General Fusion has acquired 10 patents, and has nine pending applications at the PTO. It is questionable as to how these advances will continue during Trumps presidency due to his statements concerning a return to coal power. However, if investment and research opportunities continue to grow we may also soon see numerous suits concerning compact fusion generators as well in the coming years.

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