Nobel Price Recipients Announced

Lindsey Marie Round

It is that time of the year again. Over the past week and this coming week, the Nobel Prize recipients have been or will be announced in anticipation of the Nobel Prize Awards ceremony in December. It is always exciting to hear will be receiving the awards each year. On Wednesday, October 3, 2016, the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry were announced.[1] This year, the award will be shared amongst three individuals, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, J. Fraser Stoddart, and Bernard L. Feringa.[2] These three individuals have forged the way in the field of nanomachines made of moving molecules.[3] They follow the path of Dr. Richard Feynman, who was also a Nobel Laureate, who looked at nanotechnology.[4] While these machines may not be large, in fact, they are quite the opposite measuring the size of approximately one-thousandth the width of a single strand of hair, they are revolutionary in the science world.[5] While they are still in the beginning stages, these machines show great potential. These three men have contributed much to the future of this field and are most deserving of this prestigious award.


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