Legal Innovation 101

Justin Farooq

The Midyear Meeting took place February 5, 2017 in Miami.  One of the most talked about events centered around five panelists at the “Legal Innovation 101” discussion.[1]  The consensus of five panelists’ message was simple: Catching up with legal technology is no longer a luxury in a tough market for legal services. While sorting through options may seem daunting at first, firms that embrace technology and new methods will be at a huge advantage.[2]  There are many new tools, methods, markets and models that can give law firms a leg up on the competition but lawyers must embrace them.[3]  It is important to remember that these new technologies are not intended to replace attorneys, but rather to augmentation technology that will allow a lawyer to increase production for the law firm.[4]  For example, here are two technology tools that are already paying off for lawyers:

        (1) ABA Blueprint, a service that offers back-office help to lawyers who say administrative tasks are cutting into their time practicing law, is aimed primarily at solo practitioners and attorneys in small firms.[5]

        (2) Lawhub offers members an extensive assortment of legal resources on a single page, for example case law, discussions, statutes, case preparation plans, marketing, finance and more are all available for New York State Bar members.[6]  Many believe that eventually this will replace bar web sites.[7]


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