Galaxy Note 7 Disease Spread to Other Samsung Products

Xiang Qi

Samsung has been playing cute in face of newly found issues with its home and kitchen appliances. It has recalled more than 144,000 washing machines in Australia as they are prone to exploding. Over the years, Samsung has issued a series of recalls worldwide from microwave ovens in the United States to refrigerators in South Korea. The approach Samsung took to dealing with customer’s complaint has exposed its bureaucratic way of management again and again. In one recall, Samsung even delayed refund to the customers so they coudl have better looking financial report to their shareholders at the end of the year.

In contrast, although Apple also had a few recalls in the past few years of its Beats speakers and iPod Nanos due to overheating issues, the company managed to settle the aftermath of those recall quickly to the satisfaction of the customers. While Samsung’s spokeswoman claims that customer safety is Samsung’s top priority, it remains to be seen if the company is going to change the way it has been dealing with increasing user’s rage.