China’s cyber and trade war has US firms, national security in crosshairs

Jeffrey Cullen

A recent issue in cyber security is China’s efforts to hack and steal intellectual property from the United States. Thousands of Chinese hackers have gained the ability to steal intellectual property from United States industries. This information is then used to produce identical products and sell those products at low rates that companies are unable compete with.[1] According to Blackwell’s article, the U.S. International Trade Commission report cited potential losses of over $300 billion due to these cyber hacks.[2] It is vitally important that this issue be addressed. The cyber theft of intellectual property is harming our economy and is detrimental to our national defense. “If China can steal from one company and flood US markets with their cut rate goods, then thousands of US businesses, along with potentially millions of jobs, are at risk.”[3] Our intellectual property is very vulnerable. If the country’s leaders in manufacturing are unable to protect their data and trade secrets from cyber attacks, where does that leave the individual in society?


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