Are Satellites the Next Cybersecurity Battleground?

Jeffrey Cullen

Alyssa Newcomb explains that many of our everyday activities rely on global positioning systems (GPS). Satellites in space are used in many different ways including intelligence gathering, communication, and navigation.[1] There has been much discussion about the vulnerability of our data through the use of the Internet. One realm that people may overlook is the technology that we have in space and its susceptibility to being hacked. The systems that we have in space are becoming older and face new threats. The space systems are not advancing at the same rate as our technology on earth and are at a high risk of being interfered with by hackers. It is said that any disruption to the satellite system could have major ramifications due to the interconnectedness of the system.[2] Accessibility to space is increasing. Therefore, updated security measures are needed in order to properly protect information.


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