Accusations of Russian Hacking in 2016 US Election

Nicholas Fedorka

Russian hackers have been accused by the United States for carrying out a series of attacks against political organizations.  United States officials claim it’s an attempt “to interfere with the US election.”  Specifically, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton claims her party had been targeted.   This is all happening at a time when Russia’s relations with the West is at its lowest point since the end of the Cold War.  

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has warned Russia against “interfering with the democratic processes.”  Recently, Germany’s domestic agency (BfV) reported what it believed was a russian attempt to sabotage Germany’s political internet infrastructure.  Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin states that “Russia never does this at a state level.”  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the allegations as nonsense, while ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said “not once” had America provided facts to support such claims.