More Surveillance is not More Helpful

Xiang Qi

The majority of McDonald’s restaurants in the United States have installed cameras on sight. This naturally would lead to less efforts by the police in order to catch a thief when almost all the drive-through restaurants have a camera to record people who try to drive off without paying, or to catch employee theft. However, Target, for example, is not willing to share a suspect’s order record even though it is equipped extensively with security cameras in the vicinity.

Uber, also having GPS data on every ride, allows drivers to use their own cameras in cars. [2] However, Uber has no control over if their drivers are putting cameras in the cars or if they keep the cameras open after installing them. Because most of the stores which install security cameras abide by the store’s policy with respect to security footage, it is difficult for the police to obtain security footage in a timely fashion. For example, Target had already deleted its footage when the police department approach them one month after a theft.