• Top 15% of 1L class will automatically receive an invitation to join this journal.
  • Students can write onto JOST by submitting an appellate brief or memorial by Friday, APRIL 22nd by 5:00 p.m. and completing the merged Blue Book exam, held on April 3rdat 9:00 a.m.
  • Participation in the JOST Writing Competition is highly recommended for all those interested in joining the journal, as class rank will not be solidified by the due date of the application.

Submission Requirements:

  • Due Date: Friday, APRIL 22nd by 5:00 p.m. Submit your brief or memorial and a contact information document through Blackboard. Both documents will need to be named with your SU ID ONLY (see below for more info.).

Submission Instructions:

  • Sign on to Blackboard at, using your NetID/password. Navigate to the Organizations Tab and click on the link for the JOST Write-On Competition 2016
  • Within the Organization Tab, click Submit Here.
  • You will need TWO separate areas in which to submit the needed materials (Appellate Brief and Contact Information). The process is the same for both.

You Will Need to Submit Two Documents:

  1. Your APPELLATE BRIEF or MEMORIAL with ONLY your SU ID number on document.
    1. Name the document with your SU ID number only.
    2. Put your SU ID number in the header on every page of your brief or memorial.
    3. If your name appears anywhere in the document or in the name of the document, your submission will be eliminated—our process is entirely anonymous



  1. A word document saved using the filename: your <SU ID NUMBER>_CONTACT_INFO.doc[x] (e.g.: 123456789_CONTACT_INFO.docx) with the following information:
    1. Full Name
    2. SU ID Number
    3. Summer Address
    4. School Address
    5. Phone Numbers (where you can be reached this summer)
    6. Email (both school and personal that you check regularly)


  • To submit your brief or memorial click on Appellate Brief. In the Assignment Materials Section, scroll down to Attach File. Click Browse for Local File button and select your Appellate Brief (renamed as noted above) submission. The file will appear to the right of File Name. Click Attach File.


  • Click Submit. You’ll then see your Submissions History, with a green banner at the top noting that the assignment is complete.


  • Repeat the same steps to submit your Contact Information document (named as noted above). You’ll receive a second green banner noting that this assignment is also complete.


  • NOTE: If you do not receive the “assignment is complete” notice, the document has not been submitted correctly.


  • Complete the merged Blue Book Exam held on April 3rd at 9:00 a.m.

For Questions, Please Contact:

Editor-in-Chief: Christopher Folk


Managing Editor: Samantha Dente



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